Why Malaysia?

Why Everyone Should Visit Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of those countries that many backpackers don’t make it to. Unlike Thailand with its infamous beach parties or Bali with its relaxing yoga retreats, Malaysia has no claim to fame. Most people only know of the country through its commercial, which proclaims, “Malaysia Truly Asia.” The video leaves you with vague conceptions of a country full of fireworks, chopsticks and Chinese people. Subsequently, not many backpackers put Malaysia on the list.

However, the truth is, Malaysia is one of the coolest countries in South East Asia if not the World. They do have fireworks, chopsticks and a bunch of Chinese people, but they also have beaches and islands just as spectacular as Thailand. They have a notorious nightlife in Kuala Lumpur, and an incredibly delicious diversity of culture, people and food. Not to mention, Malaysia is pretty darn cheap and clean, and as the people go, they couldn’t be friendlier. Whether you’re a budget backpacker or just plain holidaymaker, this is a country we highly recommend.

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